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Welcome to La França, the most authentic, ground-breaking Love Hotel for couples in Barcelona, with more than 50 years of history. An oasis of pleasure designed by luxury specialists to allow guests to enjoy themselves to the fullest in a totally discrete, sophisticated, tasteful atmosphere. Enjoy it.

Discretion Protocol

At La França, you’ll never be seen by anyone other than hotel staff. We follow a strict protocol to make sure you never cross paths with other guests, from the time you enter (by car or on foot) until the moment you leave.

The reception area isn’t visible from the street. You can enter on foot from Carrer Ricart 37 or by car from Carrer de La França Xica 40. Couples that come by car get free parking and valet service (free parking for cars and motorcycles. Vehicles with special measures please contact us to confirm measures and conditions). Upon arrival, cars are separated visually with a system of dark curtains. The staff at La França can communicate with each other at all times and will come out to welcome you and take you directly to reception or a waiting room if there are other guests in the reception area. Once you’ve chosen the room you want, you will be taken to it and served anything you fancy from our menus at any time. When you’re done with your stay, the La França staff will come get you and take you back to the reception area and the exit.

Tourist Friendly

La França is a hotel that specialises in couples looking to experience romance in a totally private, discreet setting. However our doors are also open to any adults interested in staying here for our great location and excellent quality at an affordable price. Our strict Discretion Protocol must be followed by all guests, so your privacy is guaranteed.

La França Category

La França is rated a 2* Hostel because management has chosen not to set aside a large breakfast room and a television room, which are required for higher categories. We think it’s better to give our guests large rooms and a free parking spot for each room (free parking for cars and motorcycles. Vehicles with special measures please contact us to confirm measures and conditions.). Standard rooms at La França are comparable to those at a 2* hotel, the Superior rooms to those at a 4* hotel, and the suites are the size of a small flat.

We have all the licenses and necessary guarantees required by law in terms of security, health, hygiene and professionalism. We are proud members of the Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona (GHB) and the SuperLoveHotels quality seal.