Hotel miembro de Super Love Hotels

Rooms and rates

La França is the largest Love Hotel in Barcelona. It occupies the whole building (no neighbours) and has more than seventy rooms. The concept and carefully designed interior of the hotel have gained international recognition in media outlets such as The Guardian, Le Monde and l’Officiel.

Personalised Setting

All of our rooms come with climate control, dimmer lights, tilting mirrors with remote control, adult television channels, sensual music, etc. You can create whatever setting you like, more relaxing or exciting depending on the moment or the day.


We have six different types of rooms in different categories, ranging from the Grande Suite with a spa bathtub to the Standard room. Within each category, all of the rooms are the same size and features the same services and decoration, although there may be some difference in colour. See the different features and rates to book the one you fancy most.